Problems Encountered by Teacher Candidates in the Process of Preparation for the Vocational / Mesleğe Hazırlık Sürecinde Öğretmen Adaylarının Karşılaştıkları Sorunlar

The Problems Encountered by Teacher Candidates in the Process of Preparation for the Vocational Project is a project supported by TUBITAK and focused on pre-service teachers. The purpose of this study is to determine the problems faced by the education faculty students who are studying as teacher candidates in the faculties of education while preparing for the profession…

Students with Special Needs in Social Studies Classes During the Pandemic Process Problems They Experienced: Teacher and Parent Interviews / Pandemi Sürecinde Sosyal Bilgiler Derslerinde Özel Gereksinimli Öğrencilerin Yaşadıkları Sorunlar: Öğretmen ve Veli Görüşmeleri

very child is valuable. The Social Studies course given to middle school children is effective for valuable children. history, geography, citizenship and teaches vital gains such as democracy awareness. Taking Social Studies course alongside general students. We also have inclusive students. Since these students are children with special needs, needs an education and a special education plan…

Uzaktan Eğitim Sürecinde Sosyal Bilgiler Öğretmenlerinin Yaşadığı Sorunlar/ Problems Faced by Social Studies Teachers in the Process of Distance Education

Publication: The need for distance education, which suddenly developed as a result of the contagion that emerged during the pandemic process, is today’s current issue. Depending on the sudden negative conditions, there may be problems that can be brought along by the education forms that can change abruptly. This study is of great importance in order to learn first-hand the problems experienced in the distance education process and to offer solutions to prevent similar problems in the future. Providing solutions to the problems of the distance education process, which are determined beforehand, in extraordinary situations that may occur in the future and disrupt the education, thanks to the study; It is among the objectives to ensure a smooth distance education process for the continuity of education in suddenly developing bad conditions.

Historical Development of Social Studies: Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey and NCSS Comparison / Sosyal Bilgiler’in Tarihsel Gelişimi:T.C. MEB ve NCSS Karşılaştırması

Social Studies is universally adopted as a course that includes citizenship education and effective citizenship preparation. Social Studies gives the entire culture of the society in which people live and everything around them with environmental education. It introduces the world, region and countries with geography. While introducing these, it also teaches historical processes with history. Although it contains so many disciplines, it gives all subjects as a single discipline integrated and connected…
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